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After having my third child and returning to work, my husband and I decided to hire a house cleaner. Between the both of us working full-time and three children to take care of, we simply did not have the time to clean our house. While I loved the idea of having a house cleaner, my mind quickly began racing with questions that I did not have the answers to. I wondered how much of my stuff should I put away before the house cleaner came, what all would the house cleaner clean, and if I should hide paperwork, such as bills. I did a lot of research to get the answers to my questions. I started this website because I know there are others like me out there who need a house cleaner, but may have many questions about using one. I created this site to help these people get answers.

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Each Time You Golf You Have A Responsibility To Help Maintain The Course

Even though golf courses across the country hire a dedicated crew of trained professionals to maintain the golf course and keep it looking beautiful, every golfer also has a positive role to play in this regard. In a sport ruled by a long list of etiquette requirements, one of the ways to properly behave when you're golfing is to help maintain the course for other players — and for yourself during future visits. You should never adopt the mindset that taking care of the course is strictly for those employed by it. Instead, here are some simple maintenance tasks that every golfer should consistently be performing.

Replace The Grass After Your Tee Shots

Not every tee shot that you take will leave damage; in many cases, you'll hit the ball squarely, knock your tee out of the ground and leave no evidence behind. However, other times, the bottom of your club — especially if you're teeing off with an iron — will leave a sizable divot in the grass of the tee box. The proper maintenance task when this occurs is to look for the piece of grass that came out of the divot. If it came off as one intact chunk, grab it, place it in the divot and tap it down with your club.

Leave No Trace After A Bunker Shot

No golfer appreciates having his or her shot land in a sand bunker, but you shouldn't simply take your shot and proceed ahead. After you've gotten out of the bunker, it's time to erase any sign that you were there. Grab the sand rake that should be lying nearby and carefully rake up your footsteps, the small hole left by your ball and any other marks that you left behind, such as a large spray of sand that you may have moved in the bunker when you took your shot.

Be Careful With A Power Cart

On foot, you can reach virtually anywhere on the golf course without causing damage. The same isn't true when you're behind the wheel of a power cart. Be sure to look for any permanent or temporary signs that provide driving instructions for golfers. If the golf course has experienced a lot of rain, for example, you may not be able to travel in areas that you previously visited with the cart, as the weight of the cart and its tires could take gouges out of the grass. You should always be cognizant of the ground conditions where you're driving in order to avoid causing damage.

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