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Get Answers to Your House Cleaner Questions

After having my third child and returning to work, my husband and I decided to hire a house cleaner. Between the both of us working full-time and three children to take care of, we simply did not have the time to clean our house. While I loved the idea of having a house cleaner, my mind quickly began racing with questions that I did not have the answers to. I wondered how much of my stuff should I put away before the house cleaner came, what all would the house cleaner clean, and if I should hide paperwork, such as bills. I did a lot of research to get the answers to my questions. I started this website because I know there are others like me out there who need a house cleaner, but may have many questions about using one. I created this site to help these people get answers.

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4 Tips For Effective Signage That Many Retailers Overlook

If you own any type of retail establishment you know you need effective signage to draw in your customers. Simply opening your shop doors is not enough to tell your customers what you're selling and why they should buy. While a store sign may seem rather simple, in truth there are a few key points to making it effective. Consider a few tips that many retailers often overlook when it comes to their store signage.

1. Actually sell your product or service

Too often, retailers balk either at making their signs compelling or actually selling their product. Rather than a sign that says "Ice Cream," consider instead "Enjoy Some Delicious Creamy Smooth Ice Cream." Descriptive words that create a need in the minds of the customers are what will actually sell your product and get them through the front door.

2. Tell them what they need to know

When a customer approaches your retail establishment they don't want to ask a salesperson questions about pricing, your products, or anything else. Not having the information they need readily available on a sign can make them shy about purchasing. For your ice cream shop, as an example, a sign should show their options for sizes, prices, toppings, and so on. This gives them the information they need to feel comfortable about approaching the counter and actually purchasing.

3. Keep it simple

While you should give customers the information they need to purchase, you also want to keep your signage simple, direct, and easy to read. In some cases this may mean putting basic information in one spot, in big and bold letters, and then adding more concise information in such a way that it doesn't interfere with this information.

For example, your ice cream prices may go at the top of your sign in large, simple wording since this is the most important information for customers. Underneath that and out of its way you might have a list of flavors, toppings, and so on. This information may also be put on a separate sign so the two don't compete. This keeps your signs simple to read and understand.

4. Keep it readable

Too often retailers get caught up in the look of their signage and forget that customers cannot easily read fancy scrolling fonts, dull colors or colors that are far too bright, or very small print and lettering. While your sign should work well with the overall look of the store, if it's not readable then it becomes pointless to customers and won't actually sell your product.

Consult with professionals, such as those from Sierra Signs & Service, Inc., to how best to fill your needs.