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After having my third child and returning to work, my husband and I decided to hire a house cleaner. Between the both of us working full-time and three children to take care of, we simply did not have the time to clean our house. While I loved the idea of having a house cleaner, my mind quickly began racing with questions that I did not have the answers to. I wondered how much of my stuff should I put away before the house cleaner came, what all would the house cleaner clean, and if I should hide paperwork, such as bills. I did a lot of research to get the answers to my questions. I started this website because I know there are others like me out there who need a house cleaner, but may have many questions about using one. I created this site to help these people get answers.

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Planning To Store Metal Items In A Storage Unit? Tips To Prevent Them From Getting Damaged

If you have a lot of metal items that you need to put in a storage unit, you need to make sure you store them correctly. If you do not, you may find them very damaged when you take them out. Below are some tips that will keep your items in good condition.

Gardening Tools

If you are storing gardening tools, remove all caked on mud. Make sure there is no dampness on any of the tools. Garden shears often get caked on mud in small spaces so make sure you have all of it off.

For things like saws, post-hold diggers, and shovels, you can use a steel wool scrubber to clean them. If you use any water/cleaning solution when cleaning, make sure you wipe everything dry or they could rust.  Cover the tools with a light coat of oil to protect the surfaces.

If the storage unit has metal shelves, put a soft blanket on them if you have any items that are not in boxes or are fragile. When you are finished, cover everything with a sheeting. This could be plastic or even some old blankets. This will protect them from dust and other debris.

If possible, hang up some of the gardening tools on hooks, like shovels, rakes, or hoes. You can also put a pegboard on the wall and use hooks to hang things like small tools or hand shovels.


If you are storing any kind of machinery, such as power tools, you need to remove the batteries from them.  

You also need to drain all fluid from them, such as gas and oil. Once you have them in the unit, cover them up with a dust cloth to keep them protected. The storage unit may have other requirements for storing things like this, so make sure you ask them.

Climate Control

If your unit is not climate controlled, your metal items may become rusty if the unit has high humidity levels. This is because high humidity can cause moisture to build up on the items. Ask the storage unit owner if you can use a dehumidifier in the unit.  If not, you should look for another storage unit facility that is climate controlled.

It takes time to get all of your metal items prepared for storage, but it will be well worth it. If you have more questions or need help, the storage unit owner can help you. To learn more, speak with a business like Statewide Self Storage