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After having my third child and returning to work, my husband and I decided to hire a house cleaner. Between the both of us working full-time and three children to take care of, we simply did not have the time to clean our house. While I loved the idea of having a house cleaner, my mind quickly began racing with questions that I did not have the answers to. I wondered how much of my stuff should I put away before the house cleaner came, what all would the house cleaner clean, and if I should hide paperwork, such as bills. I did a lot of research to get the answers to my questions. I started this website because I know there are others like me out there who need a house cleaner, but may have many questions about using one. I created this site to help these people get answers.

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Repairing Roof Damage Caused By A Mounted Satellite Dish

One of the most common locations for the installation of a satellite dish is on a roof. Because of its top-heavy shape, the dish is vulnerable to the effect of high winds. Over time, a leak can develop underneath the mounting bracket and damage the surrounding roof materials.

The typical satellite dish installation relies on about six large bolts to secure a mounting bracket to the rooftop. The bolts are referred to as lag bolts and completely pass through the shingles and the underlying plywood decking of the roof. In many installations, the lag bolts do not reach into a supporting rafter. The bolts often simply protrude through the plywood decking into your attic.

Unless the bolts are secured in a roof rafter, they are likely to eventually become loosened by winds. As the bolts lose their ability to provide a water seal, wood damage occurs. To stop a leak, the original installation of your satellite dish can be improved by using a more secure method of attaching the dish to your roof.

The ideal roof installation

The stability of roof rafters must be utilized to ensure that your satellite dish is on a solid footing. Otherwise, extreme wind conditions have the potential to literally topple the dish over. A single piece of lumber nailed in between two rafters on the underside of the roof decking is able to provide a sturdy mounting foundation.

Instead of simply passing through the decking, the lag bolts reach into the additional support brace between rafters. The installation is much more secure and the likelihood of developing another roof leak is greatly diminished. Before your dish is bolted down, a waterproof gasket should be included on the roof between the mounting bracket and the shingles.

Removing an unneeded satellite dish

Even if you or the previous occupant have removed a satellite dish entirely, the drilled holes continue to present a roof risk. The drilled holes pass completely through the shingles, the decking, and the waterproof underlayment. The only solution to prevent leaks from damaging your roof is to repair the affected area.

The overlapping installation style of roofing materials allows for a repair project of targeted scope. After the holes are permanently sealed, new underlayment and shingles are fitted in to appear as if the satellite dish was never there.

The destructive effects of a roof leak worsen with time. Wood fibers are weakened by repeated cycles of soaking and drying. Whether you want to keep your satellite dish or remove it, a solution is available. Contact an experienced professional like Architectural Exterior Design or others for further information about any aspect of roof repair.